Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lydia Playfoot, a 16 year old schoolgirl from West Sussex, England, has been faced with expulsion by her school, Millais School of Horsham, for wearing a purity ring that symbolises her dedication to chastity.

Her case, that she should be allowed to wear the ring as it is an “expression of [her] faith and should be exempt from the school’s rules on wearing jewelery”, was taken to the High Court on Friday. Judgement in the case was reserved for a future date.

This case echoes a decision in a case last year. The Law Lords rejected Shabina Begum‘s, former pupil of Denbigh High School, in Luton, Bedfordshire, appeal to wear a Muslim Jilbab to school.

Miss Playfoot spoke to BBC Radio regarding the case. She said “Muslims are allowed to wear headscarves and other faiths can wear bangles and other types of jewellery. It feels like Christians are being discriminated against.” Her lawyers have argued that her right to wear the ring as a symbol of faith is upheld by the Human Rights Act 1998

Radiating Smile


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Radiating Smile


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Radiating Smile


Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown, often referred to as the Godfather of Soul, died in Atlanta due to congestive heart failure, combined with pneumonia. His death at age 73 was announced by his agent. After his dentist noticed something unusual with him, Brown was told to visit a doctor immediately. He was taken into the hospital yesterday for treatment of his pneumonia until his death at around 1:45 AM (6:45 AM GMT). It is not known whether he received a pneumonia vaccination, as recommended for people of his age.

He was born in 1933 and grew up in poverty until he formed James Brown & The Famous Flames. His influence on 20th century music, from funk to hip hop was profound.

Before he died, he scheduled a New Year’s Eve concert series in New Jersey and New York that would help kick off a 2007 tour.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The United States Navy was forced to withdraw from its Cyclone Nargis relief efforts in Burma/Myanmar today due to the continued refusal of the ruling State Peace and Development Council government to allow the delivery of aid. Four U.S. naval ships were ordered to depart from the area on Thursday. After 15 failed attempts to convince the ruling military junta to allow U.S. helicopters to deliver much needed supplies to areas such as the Irrawaddy Delta, Admiral Timothy J. Keating, the head of the U.S. Pacific Command, indicated that they were left with no choice but to leave.

“I am both saddened and frustrated to know that we have been in a position to help ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people … but have been unable to do so because of the unrelenting positions of the Burma military junta,” Keating said via his headquarters. He said that the U.S. would still be willing to offer help if the junta simply allowed them in.

The British and French navies have also been forced to withdraw due to the junta’s unwillingness to allow them to provide assistance to cyclone victims. United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had been previously assured by the ruling Burmese generals that relief workers would be allowed to help, but reports indicate this has still not happened on the ground. The UN, in its latest report on the situation, noted that Burma was faced with a “serious lack of sustained humanitarian assistance for the affected populations.”

I am both saddened and frustrated to know that we have been in a position to help ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people . . . but have been unable to do so because of the unrelenting positions of the Burma military junta

Foreign aid agencies already in place and trying to help victims have reported that they continue to face problems in delivering large volumes of relief supplies in the affected regions. The U.S. naval ships had 22 heavy-lift helicopters that would have been ideally suited to the task. “Important heavy-lifting capability in the delta would have been a standard operating procedure for relief agencies in the response,” said Paul Risley of the United Nations World Food Program. The UN group has been trying to get ten civilian helicopters to fill the role in the interim, but the Burmese authorities have still not allowed nine of the civilian aircraft to be used in the relief efforts.

To date, the Burmese military has allowed 106 airlifts of foreign supplies to occur, but only into Rangoon, the largest city in the nation. Those delivered supplies are slated to be forwarded to the areas devastated by the cyclone. However, the ruling junta has refused to allow inland flights of foreign military helicopters to deliver relief aid. The junta believes they have sufficient abilities to deliver the resources but foreign analysts believe that the group does not wish to demonstrate to the Burmese people that it needs outside help. Doctors Without Borders has said that the relief efforts to date are not enough, and that many remote areas have received no assistance.

The UN determined that Burma may need relief efforts for a year. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has found that 495,000 acres of rice production areas have been damaged out of a total of 2.5 million acres. The areas are either still under too much water to sustain crops, or have been contaminated by seawater during Cyclone Nargis. According to Risley, the year-long importing of rice would be required as the damage was done just before the normal planting season. “This year’s crop will not meet requirements,” Risley said. “The losses to the production of rice are very deep. It would be typical for the WFP to provide food rations through the next harvest, which could be a year away.”

Access by foreigners to Burma has been generally restricted since the cyclone. Visas and travel permission to affected areas have been limited by the government. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement reported that “the small number of visas and the short duration of travel permits for access” into the areas in need of aid “continue to impose serious constraints on the effectiveness of overall operations.” The World Health Organization has said that, as of yet, there appears to be no “second wave” of deaths in the wake of the blocked relief efforts, which may be a sign of hope.

78,000 people were killed by the cyclone. To date, another 56,000 remain unaccounted for, according to Burma’s government.

Jumping Rope – Why Little Susie is Stronger Than You…Wimp!


John Danger

I remember growing up in my small town in Indiana where every year in school we would have “Presidential Physical Fitness Week”. Basically we had to perform a series of physical tests that even the wimpy kid we beat up every day could do and if (when) we completed it, our parents got to drive around with a stupid bumper sticker on their car and I got an “Official” photocopied certificate signed from the President! These tests included throwing a softball 10 ft, running a 100 meters (the whole thing!) and jumping rope 100 times.

Even though everyone over the age of 15 was lying to our faces about the letter from the President, I understand that they were really just trying to teach us a lesson about staying fit. As I got older and more adapt to sports training I was actually really glad that the fake president boosted my ego about jumping rope so many times because it really is an AMAZING exercise for just about any sport. Here is a short list of WHY jumping rope is so good for you and maybe even how you can maximize your time jumping up and down in one spot like a hyper active 5 year old who has to pee.

1. Jumping rope tones muscle and reduces fat

2. Jumping rope increases your joint strength and also your bones density

3. Jumping rope increases your leg power and endurance

4. Jumping rope allows aerobic and anaerobic training (google the difference it’s amazing)

5. Jumping rope improves coordination. The skipping movement gets your upper and lower body to coordinate movements. This can really help you in any sport or part of life.

6. Jumping rope is great for warming up your entire body

7. Jumping rope can and will increase your vertical if you do it everyday

Three Different Kinds of Ropes

Leather Ropes

-What boxers usually use, Like “Ali”. I suggest getting the ones with swivel handles for ease of use otherwise your gonna get all tangled up. Example: Everlast Leather Weighted Jump Rope (9.5 feet)

PVC Speed Ropes

-Yes, as the name implies, these ropes are made for speed. If you are a newcomer to rope jumping you might want to wear some shoes and pants for this one until you get the hang of it. It is not uncommon to get some whip action on those shins. Example: Everlast Deluxe Speed Rope

Heavy Ropes

-These are great for upper body strengthening, but I wouldn’t suggest them for long periods of time. Maybe just a couple minutes to avoid unnecessary strain. Example: Valeo 2-Pound Weighted Jump Rope

So now you have a little information on why to jump rope, the kinds of rope to use, and how parents and teachers lie to their children to make them do what they want. Leave comments… the president says so.

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Jumping Rope – Why Little Susie is Stronger Than You…Wimp!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boxing regulators in the state of Florida have started a preliminary investigation into allegations of corruption and fight fixing after mixed martial arts fighter Seth Petruzelli defeated Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson in the main event of the EliteXC: Heat on Saturday, October 4, 2008.

Petruzelli, who was scheduled to fight Aaron Rosa on an untelevised undercard match, was approached by EliteXC officials to take on Ferguson, who fights under the nickname Kimbo Slice. Slice’s announced opponent, legendary mixed martial arts and professional wrestling veteran Ken Shamrock, was declared medically ineligible to fight after injuring himself during a Saturday morning workout session, requiring stitches to be applied to a cut over his eye. News of the injury and substitution was not made until after CBS Sports started broadcasting the show.

The promoters kind of hinted to me and they gave me the money to stand and trade with him. They didn’t want me to take him down, let’s just put it that way. It was worth my while to try to stand up and punch with him.

The show had been heavily promoted over the last two months on Shamrock’s reputation and the credibility of his name, along with the media buzz around Kimbo Slice. CBS Sports was expecting to cash in with a huge ratings success after securing a record-setting 4.85 million viewers on their inaugural broadcast of EliteXC, the highest ratings ever for a MMA broadcast. Fourteen seconds into the main event, however, Petruzelli scored an upset win over Slice. Petruzelli hit Slice with a right cross to Slice’s jaw that sent the phenom staggering backwards. Petruzelli moved in, as Slice was not defending himself, and finished off his opponent with a flurry of punches. The referee stopped the fight a few seconds later.

The controversy started the next morning after Petruzelli was interviewed on the “Monster in the Morning” radio show on WTKS-FM 104.1 in Orlando, FL and simulcast on XM Satellite channel 152. In the 18-minute interview, Petruzelli made the statement, “The promoters kind of hinted to me and they gave me the money to stand and trade with him. They didn’t want me to take him down, let’s just put it that way. It was worth my while to try to stand up and punch with him.”

It was inferred through this statement that an EliteXC official approached Petruzelli and attempted to influence the outcome of the fight. Slice, whose fight strategy is largely based on punching power, had been training to face Shamrock, another noted strike artist. Petruzelli, on the other hand, has a much stronger ground offensive. Critics during the fight noted that if Petruzelli could force Slice to the mat that it would be a humiliating upset, but if Slice could maintain control through his striking it would be an easy win.

With the statement from Petruzelli about being paid to stand up and fight on Slice’s skill level, allegations of tampering with the fight began to arise within hours. EliteXC’s Jeremy Lappin, Director of Fight Operations, responded to MMA Weekly’s inquiries, saying “Press reports that EliteXC suggested or paid money to heavyweight fighter Seth Petruzelli to keep his fight against Kimbo Slice off the ground are false. Let me be perfectly clear with no ambiguity – that did not happen.” Lappin stated that they offered him a “Knockout of the Night” bonus if he could score a win by KO. Bonuses such as “Knockout of the Night”, “Submission of the Night” and “Match of the Night” are often offered to fighters who can deliver entertaining and crowd-pleasing performances. Lappin also stated, “Elite XC organizes and promotes fights. We have not, do not, and will not suggest or dictate fighters’ strategies or tactics. How the fighters perform in the cage is at the sole discretion of the athletes involved.”

Petruzelli also started making immediate amends the next day, blaming himself for misrepresenting his intentions. In a blitz of media interviews in an effort to retracts his statement, he said, “Honestly, when I woke up in the morning my words were jumbled and obviously my head was in a daze from drinking (laughs) the entire night. Reading the transcript, I actually now feel I worded it perfectly in what I wanted to say. I wanted to keep the fight standing and they offered a knockout bonus and I wanted to get the knockout bonus.”

Florida officials from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) did not appear to be interested in performing an investigation. In an interview with, DBPR press secretary Alexis Antonacci said, “Our interpretation is that the comments made were in reference to the promoter asking [Petruzelli] to join a fight that he wasn’t originally scheduled for. We don’t believe any wrongdoing occurred.” The DBPR regulates all business and professional licenses in the state, including promotion of sports such as boxing, professional wrestling and mixed martial arts.

Press reports that EliteXC suggested or paid money to heavyweight fighter Seth Petruzelli to keep his fight against Kimbo Slice off the ground are false. Let me be perfectly clear with no ambiguity – that did not happen.

After being hounded by the media and fight critics all week long, the DPBR announced on Thursday that they would start a preliminary investigation. Communications director Jennifer Meale made a statement to the press. “While the Department of Business and Professional Regulation doesn’t have any reason to believe there was a problem with the Slice-Petruzelli fight, given the interest in it, the Department has begun a preliminary investigation to thoroughly review the circumstances of the fight.”

Pro Elite, Inc, the parent company of EliteXC, has struggled over the last year. The company is over $50 million in debt, with $24.4 million of that debt accrued in the first half of 2008. Trailing behind industry leader Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), EliteXC has rallied behind Kimbo Slice to drive up ratings on their specials with CBS Sports and Showtime Networks, attendance at live events and other merchandise sales. The October 4 broadcast drew in 4.56 million viewers, making it the third most-watched viewed event in MMA history to go along with its record-setting May 31 debut of 4.85 million viewers. Both events featured Kimbo Slice in the main event.

The corruption issue could go deeper than just fixing a fight for the company’s star fighter. Further fueling the allegations are the actions of EliteXC’s president, Jared Shaw. Immediately after the fight was stopped, Shaw rushed to the side of the cage and yelled to the referee that Slice was hit illegally.

“He spent a lot of money to build up Kimbo,” Seth Petruzelli said. “If I saw one of my guys I spent millions on getting his face pounded I’d get upset also.” Shaw later apologized for his actions, calling them improper.

EliteXC’s Lappin told ESPN, “We were not trying to protect Kimbo. He had been training to fight a guy in Shamrock who has a better ground game than Seth. If we were trying to protect Kimbo we would have sent him home. We put him in a dangerous fight.” Frank Shamrock, MMA color analyst for CBS Sports, and brother of Ken Shamrock, feels that EliteXC is looking out for Slice’s best interests. “As for Pro Elite, are they looking after their baby? I hope so. Are they conspiring to ensure he wins? I don’t think so.”

Thursday, April 21, 2011

France and Italy have announced along with the United Kingdom that they will be sending military advisers to help Libyan rebels in their fight against the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Italian Minister for Defence Ignazio La Russa said Wednesday that his country will send ten instructors. French officials said they would send fewer than ten. The British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said they would send a team that could possibly contain up to twenty advisers.

La Russa said in a news conference that the advisers’ roles had yet to be determined, “They won’t be on the battlefield. They’ll be mentors, they won’t accompany them. Training is one thing, participation another.”

He further said of the rebels, “They’re rich in enthusiasm, they want to fight for liberty, but naturally they are poor in experience and arms.” However, La Russa believes that not all the arms the rebels have were taken from the Libyan Army stockpiles, stating, “I don’t think they only have arms from the Gaddafi army. Some help arrived.” He did not elaborate on the final statement.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials say President Barack Obama’s administration plans to give the Libyan opposition $25 million in non-lethal assistance. The officials say the assistance could include items such as vehicles, fuel trucks, protective vests and non-secure radios.

Libya’s foreign minister, Abdul Ati al-Obeidi, criticized the dispatch of foreign military advisers, saying it will harm chances for peace in the country. In an interview with the BBC, Obeidi called for a ceasefire followed by a six month period to prepare for an election. “We think any military presence is a step backwards, and we are sure that if this bombing stopped and there is a real ceasefire we could have a dialogue among all Libyans about what they want — democracy, political reform, constitution, election. This could not be done with what is going on now,” said Obeidi.

The move comes as UN officials condemn the use of cluster bombs that are in use by pro-Gaddaffi forces, a tactic banned under the Convention on Cluster Munitions, of which Libya is not a signatory.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay stated, amidst reports of snipers attacking civilians in many towns, that use of such munitions would “inevitably lead to civilian casualties”, whilst also calling for NATO forces to “exercise the utmost caution and vigilance so as not to kill civilians by mistake”. Pillay praised the Libyan government for allowing on Monday a U.N. humanitarian base in the capital city of Tripoli.

Meanwhile, fighting has continued between rebel and pro-government forces this Wednesday in the besieged western port city of Misrata, where residents are pleading for international intervention.

British photojournalist Tim Hetherington, who co-directed the documentary film Restrepo, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature this year, died from wounds he suffered in an RPG attack in the city.

In besieged Libyan city of Misrata. Indiscriminate shelling by Qaddafi forces. No sign of NATO.

His colleagues, photographers Chris Hondros and Guy Martin were also severely wounded. Hondros suffered a severe brain injury leaving him in a critical condition and eventually succumbed to his injury at a triage center and Martin, a British citizen, was injured by shrapnel, and is now receiving vascular surgery. Another with the group, Michael Christopher Brown also received shrapnel wounds which were not life-threatening.

Hetherington last updated his Twitter account on Tuesday, which read, “In besieged Libyan city of Misrata. Indiscriminate shelling by Qaddafi forces. No sign of NATO.”

Leaders in the rebel-held city called for the urgent intervention of foreign ground troops to protect the 500,000 civilians there, the first such request by anyone among Libya’s opposition forces. The rebels’ civilian leadership, the Transitional National Council, has however rejected the presence of foreign troops on Libyan soil to help their cause.

Meanwhile, across the country, NATO airstrikes again struck government installations in several cities.

Know Who to Call When Your Pipes Take a Fall


Jordan Rocksmith

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When a plumber comes to the rescue, he or she will be able to teach you a few tips on how to avoid bursting pipes. They will also assist you to keep up on everyday maintenance by clearing drains on a regular basis, checking for leaky faucets and replacing washers and other parts to make sure your pipes are secure.

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Know Who to Call When Your Pipes Take a Fall


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A pipe has burst in New York City, the largest city in the United States, causing a generator to explode. The explosion occurred in Midtown Manhattan near Grand Central Terminal (GCT) and the Chrysler Building, and approximately at the intersection of 41st Street and Lexington Avenue. Nearby buildings have been evacuated, and a large area has been blocked off. There are reports of a very large crater at the scene.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has officially ruled out terrorism. Grand Central Station was quickly evacuated soon after the incident. Subway lines 4, 5 and 6 have no service in both directions between the 125th Street Station and the Bowling Green Station. 42nd Street Shuttle service has been shut completely.

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) received a call at 5:56 p.m. EDT (UTC-4) reporting an explosion. More than 170 firefighters were dispatched to the scene. Witnesses reported that buildings in the nearby area shook. This was a five-alarm response.

At least 20 people have been reported injured, and one woman, Lois Baumerich, died from a heart attack. Two people are currently in critical condition.

There are potentially harmful materials at the scene of the explosion and HAZMAT crews are on the scene to clean up debris. There are reports that pipes were wrapped in asbestos, but the air is being tested, and results should be available late Wednesday night.

ConEdison Workers are on the scene as well, and it appears that they are working nearby.

Emergency workers are reporting that the situation is not under control. They are still unable to confirm why the pipe exploded due to the inaccessible nature of the scene at the source of the explosion. The pressure of steam has subsided and the air appears to have cleared, revealing the crater. Disruption of electricity in the surrounding area is minimal.

GCT is reported to be reopened at this time. An area was cordoned off and people trapped in the vicinity due to fears of asbestos pollution resulting from the explosion.

According to a press conference with the mayor, the pipe involved was built in 1924, and a likely cause of the eruption and explosion was cold water leaking into the pipe, possibly from rain or from a water pipe. A tow truck had fallen into the crater left by the explosion, and the explosion also shattered glass on nearby buildings.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In a first ever effort in the United States to eliminate the presence of Zebra mussels in a large body of water, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) announced on Monday that a private pond in Prince William County, Virginia is undergoing water treatment using a chemical potash of potassium chloride in concentrations high enough to kill invasive and native shellfish species.

The pond at the Millbrook Quarry will undergo treatment for three to four weeks in an effort to eliminate an infestation of zebra mussels, a condition of its waters that was confirmed by state environmental officials in 2002. The treatment is not expected to pose a threat to non-molluscan aquatic wildlife, vegetation, or land-dwelling creatures at the site. Officials expect the one-time treatment process will provide protection from the possibility of future infestation for 33 years.

The entire body of water will be treated with potassium chloride to a level of 90 ppm, well below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standard of 250 ppm for potable water. There are no expected health risks for humans, or contamination of drinking water wells in the immediate vicinity.

The freshwater Zebra Mussel species is a threat to native mussels of the region because of their high reproduction rate and their ability to attach themselves in clusters to native mussels, which kills them since they are prevented from opening and closing their shells to feed or burrow. Bottom-dwelling marine species are often covered by the Zebra Mussel.

Measures to prevent the spread of zebra mussels vary by region where the species is present. In Maryland, boat owners who launch water craft on reservoirs that serve as sources of drinking water are required to register their boat for use only on those reservoirs, to reduce chances of the mussel being transferred from other waters. Drinking water treatment and power production facilities where the mussels are present must regularly treat their systems to keep them clear of decaying debris that fouls intake pipes.

Zebra mussels were first discovered in North America in 1988, in Lake Saint Clair, a lake between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. By 1990 they appeared in all of the Great Lakes. It is believed that the mussels were accidentally brought over from Europe on the hulls of ships.