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How to Maximize Returns on Your Landing Pages

Without properly formatted landing pages that really attract an audience to your business your digital marketing campaign is obsolete. Infinity Digital knows that theres more that goes into a landing page than what meets the eye! So let me help you maximize your landing pages!

Headline and subheader are vital

You have less than 10 seconds to not only make a great first impression but to get enough of that potential customers’ attention to make them stay. If your landing pages arent quick and to the point, then you lost that customer.

Lets say your business is now open and youre looking for a way to attract them into your cozy establishment. For starters, you need a good headlines to attract the audience and to give yourself a clear identification for example; Infinity Brewerys taps are open for business!. Directly below that should be a subheader, it should look something like this; A new Philadelphia brewery providing a relaxed atmosphere, shareable finger foods, and the best beer made south of Market Street.

Just like that any potential customers you had are turning into prospects, because youve not only gained their attention but answered their questions. They know exactly what your brand is, the service youre aiming towards and where youre located and youve given them just enough information to entice them to keep going through your website.

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Imagery that reflects your brand

If youve been told that visual cues dont make a difference to potential users then youve been misled. Some of the most crucial decisions are being made based on the visual look of a site! Color scheme, shapes, and placement are all parts of it and when designing your landing page these should all be looked at carefully. Arguably, the most important factor to look at is placement, because you dont want the users’ attention removed from your main points by an image. Rather, images should be used to showcase your headline, subheads and any call to actions (CTA).

In the case of a restaurant or brewery (to stick with our former example) the professional photos and videos could really capture the atmosphere youre trying to sell to your audience. We want to stress the professional in professional photos, because simple cell phone photos wont work, not if youre trying to really get your clients attention and get them in for a nice evening out!

Social media icons

Heres a big one; social media sharing icons need to be visible, functional and easy to see! If the URL is incorrect you could be losing hundreds of likes, tweets or reviews! Social media is such a crucial element to digital marketing today that it would be a shame to lose an opportunity with one tiny mistake.

Also, let your brand represent itself accurately in its social media. Construction based businesses may not rely heavily on Twitter but they would definitely need Yelp. That being said, a local band or photographer may need everything from Facebook to Snapchat, but not Yelp. We encourage you to check out some of your favorite websites to find the social media icons,

Depending on your particular brand you may have different social media accounts. A carpenter may not heavily rely on Twitter or Instagram as they would Home Advisor or Yelp. However, a local band looking to expand their outreach might utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat as opposed to Yelp or Google+. If you notice, in the header of the Infinity Digital Agency website is where our social media icons are located, making it friendly and easy for people to check them out!

Call to action

Give your audience a reason to move forward in the conversion process. A local newspaper or magazine might feature a form to sign up for their newsletter. Restaurants could benefit from a button that links to their special deals and coupons. In any case, a good call-to-action should stand out. Try to avoid using the blacks, whites, and grays of the color spectrum. Instead, make it stand out by using your primary colors.

In addition to prominence, the text inside your CTA should be in-line with the process. If the user is signing up for a newsletter campaign, have the link text say, Subscribe to Newsletter as opposed to just, Submit or OK. If your CTA meets these criteria, your local SEO will no doubt improve.

Add value to your brand

Why should your customers continue navigating through your site? If your landing page doesnt answer this question, then its time to reevaluate some things. This is an often over-looked aspect, but it should not be ignored. In all honesty, it can be summed up in 3 or 4 short bullet points. Why should your customer do business with you instead of your competitors? Express to them that their satisfaction is your guarantee, or that youve been doing business in the community for 50 years, really anything that makes you stand out from the rest of the pack.

If applicable to your industry, even a few of your best testimonials would be a great addition. Potential customers seeing the words of satisfied clients can go a long way in an acquisition.

No landing page is complete without these

Landing pages are a critical factor in search engine optimization because they can expand your particular market astronomically if done correctly. Simply put, companies that create 10-15 dynamic landing pages see a 55% increase in leads. One more key element to keep in mind is that if you are in the process of creating multiple ones, each one needs to contain unique content. Having the same content across multiple landing pages will get you penalized by Google.

So in essence, landing pages should be concise, visually appealing, and simple to navigate. You only have 3-5 seconds to make a good first impression so keep all of the above aspects in mind when creating yours.

About the Author: Infinity Digital Marketing Agency approaches every clients business as if it were our own. We firmly believe that an agency working to promote and elevate a business should be more than just an adviser or review reports over the phone. We put ourselves in our clients shoes, align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business. This builds deep, enjoyable, and long-lasting relationships.

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Submitted by: Rekha R

Head to head contact in commercial world is getting replaced fast with online transactions and thus internet has become the platform for lions share in global business today. Since internet is not constrained by geographical and political boundaries, it becomes much more convenient carrying out business online. Having a website for running and promoting business is quickly turning out to be an indispensable process and web designer designs commercial websites accordingly.

Economic Process

Moreover, online business is economic in terms of saving money, time, and energy. No widespread establishment and space is required to run even a global business smoothly. One can easily run them sitting at the cool comforts of his own home with a couple of desktop and laptop computer with internet connections; the desktop taking care of static and laptop taking care of works on the move. However, achieving such objective needs effective web design and the task related to web development is mostly aimed at designing the web in such manner that it can perform all tasks related to running a business smoothly.

Website Matching with Business

One of the major tasks before any web designer is to see that the web design they form should match the type of business for which they are doing so perfectly. Website will play very important role for

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1. Advertising and publicity of the products and services promoted by the company.

2. Contacting the associates and clients over the web for promoting business and communicating with them.

3. Associating with customers and providing them with customer care service and answering their queries creating goodwill and a database of the consumers.

Naturally the requirements for small, medium, and large enterprises would vary from each other and in result the website for business would also vary in their internal designs.

Website for Home Based Business

A website for business is even more important for a home based business. Buying and selling can be conducted on the web. For instance; there are global sites like the E-bay that is the largest online buying and selling platform of all articles on the globe. But for making profit potential customers should be aware of the existence of the enterprise and products and/or services promoted by such enterprise. That is why web design is very important, and since the home based entrepreneur is dependent totally on the online business, even more for him or her.

Importance of Updating and Developing

It is very important that the entrepreneur desiring to make it good online in business should take adequate care of web development and updating of the website for business. Customers will never like outdate or stale information on the site. For example; writing relevant and informative articles and blogs and publishing them on the website is one of the best ways of attracting potential customers to the site. Unless this information is periodically updated, not one is going to like them and traffic movement to the website would decline.

Enhancement of traffic movement to the website can result in converting potential customers into real and loyal ones. Unless the web designer puts in place a simple yet effective web design for the website, neither of the objectives will be accomplished.

A well designed and effective website is the key to promote business online.

About the Author: The importance of website in running a business has grown up considerably. Economic and convenient, effective

web design


web development

are both necessary to achieve the end objective.


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