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Over 1 million Americans file for personal bankruptcy every year. The average American household has 10 credit cards. People are living above their means. Americans are drowning in debt and the problem is getting worse. Many people are foreclosing on their homes and will be forced to live on the street because they are in so much debt.

A large number of Americans spend their entire paycheck the same day or within a week of being paid. Americans want to live the dream of having a nice house, a nice yard and a nice car. The reality is that most Americans can’t afford that dream, yet they are still trying to live it.

If you are living paycheck to paycheck here are five ways to improve your financial situation:

1. Direct deposit.

If you do not have direct deposit through your job, enroll immediately. Cashing checks at a check-cashing store costs on average anywhere from 1% to 5% of the amount of the check. If you do this each payday, this is money that you are losing. Use direct deposit for free and save yourself some money.

2. Education.

Go back to school to further your education or take training classes to expand your skills at your current job. This will put you in a better position to get a promotion at work or a salary increase. That money can be used to create a savings account, plan for retirement, pay down debts and/or pay for necessary expenses.

3. Budget.

If you are in debt, stop using your credit cards and pay for everything with cash. If you do not have enough money to pay for necessary expenses such as food, clothing, shelter or healthcare, create a budget for yourself to determine your total monthly expenses and your total monthly income. Reevaluate your spending habits, reduce your expenses and various plans or cancel them (cable, phone, cell phone, Internet, etc.). Shop at discount stores or outlets, use coupons, carpool, etc. to find extra money, which can be used to pay down debt.

4. Savings.

You should have enough saved to cover 3 to 6 months of your bill payments. The interest rate at banks right now is very low. Try opening a high interest online savings account such as


, which earns you on average 4% to 5% interest on your money. Then you can develop long-term savings goals such as planning for retirement, college education, homeownership, etc.

5. Seek Help.

Don’t feel like you are alone. Talk to friends, relatives or neighbors who have gone through similar situations. Go to the library or do research on the Internet for various ways to reduce expenses, gain new skills, and shop on a budget. Some great websites are


. In addition, many grocery stores teach classes on how to shop on a budget.

Nothing last forever. If you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, you have to change your mindset, take a leap of faith and focus on your financial goals. You can also watch financial shows on television or check out books at the library on personal finance, financial empowerment and various other topics.

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Submitted by: Beth I. Kaminski

Every person who has panic attacks are tired of taking medication as they feel that is the only way to avoid this illness. But no, there are several other natural therapies that can help the panic attacks cure you, without having to visit the doctor for medication. It is said that Charles Linden had brought about the best results to people who had anxiety conditions and were suffering from panic attacks. Hence it is advisable to read more about Charles linden, as that can help you know more about curing you and making you panic free person.

Now the third natural way of avoiding panic attacks is simply listening to your favourite music. You need to first relax and only listen to the music and no other noise. By listening to the music you want, should make you feel like you re in heaven. Having said this, I am sure that you will recover soon, as the natural therapy methods will be of assistance.

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Coming to the fourth therapy, it is called the foot bath therapy. For a foot bath therapy you need to relax and listen to some good music and use some nice foot massage creams which will make your feet feel great after the therapy as feeling great about your self could also help in avoiding these panic attacks.

If you are on any type of medications for panic attacks or anxiety attacks, you will have to talk to your doctor first and then only start off with the Valerian root therapy. In addition to Valerian root, you will also find passion flower a very good natural therapy for panic attacks or anxiety attacks. One major advantage with passion flower is that it is completely non-drowsy and 100 percent natural sedative. Passion flower is known to give relief from intermittent nervousness, panic attacks and anxiety attacks. When you take in passion flower preparations, you will feel emotionally balanced and there will be no disturbing thoughts coming to your mind. When you take the passion flower treatment, you need to understand that it will not give you a happy feeling, but it will make you feel complete. So, if you have exaggerated emotions throughout the day, then you will find passion flower a very good supplement for you.

The very last and sixth natural therapy, which you should follow is exercise. Exercising is very important for every human being as its keeps one healthy, shaped up and fit. You can start by doing a little jogging, starching exercise and speedy walking. Time required for exercise is about an hour or half up to your discretion. Exercising in different ways, like swimming also would help you a lot. Any exercise can be done to keep you strong and stress free. Cycling is another exercise that you can consider, as that would give your body a full work out. Once you decide to exercise, ensure that nothing comes your way as a stop because, that would be the root to your good health.

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