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Mole removal is something that has been attempted by a lot of people. But removing moles is not due to the desire to look beautiful or attractive alone. There are instances when the moles are cancerous.

Moles are commonly seen in people. When moles appear on the face, people get quite embarrassed about it. But that is not something they should be worried about. Moles on the face and other parts of the body can be eliminated without a lot of effort and safely, too. In some cases, moles actually enhance one\’s looks. If they do, do not remove them. But certain circumstances would dictate the need to approach a doctor for his expert medical opinion. Consult with a doctor and if his diagnosis show that your mole is cancerous, then there is no other choice but to take steps to have them removed completely. It is better if you visit the dermatologist for these cases.

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There can be sudden color change in moles or sudden change in shape or sudden discharge from the moles. You should not disregard these changes, once you notice them. This is not something to be trifled with. The color change can be from black to brown or even dark grey. Upon seeing these changes, you must not become panicked. This could be indicative of melanoma or a skin cancer. This medical condition could truly put your life in danger. The following signs are considered to be serious symptoms of an impending cancer.

The moment you see your moles having excessive discharge, you should immediately put the mole removal wheels in process. The physician will suggest you remedies that are both safe and painless. Cancerous moles can\’t be dealt with using simple home remedies. In some cases, a foul smell can be emitted by these moles and they could also start to bleed. This means the cancer is becoming more advanced. But cure is still possible, especially with expert guidance from medical professionals.

Some people might also suffer from problems like fever. In child, the fever can occur with a temperature higher than 101 F and in adults, you can observe that the fever occurs with a temperature higher than 100 F. It does not have a direct correlation with the development of moles, though. It may look like the fever is caused by internal infection or allergy brought about by common colds. But there are rare cases where the fever is brought about by melanoma.

Abnormal changes in the mole\’s size, shape, texture or color can also be observed in some people. Moles are ordinarily flat although some are slightly raised. This is considered to be normal. But if the height or overall dimension is increasing at a very fast rate, then it needs special concern. There are times when you can be experiencing excruciating pain due to the increase in the number of moles and their dimensions. This is also considered an effective way of trying to find out if the moles have cancerous tendencies or not. When you are quite sure that these uncharacteristic signs and symptoms pose cancer risks, you have to immediately have it looked at. The situation is a little serious. If left unchecked, it could metastasize and the cancer could affect your other organs.

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Sunday, June 5, 2005

Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International, compared the United States detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to a Soviet-era gulag in that it is “entrenching the practice of arbitrary and indefinite detention in violation of international law,” she said.

The group’s Executive Director William Schulz, on Fox News Sunday, said in response to questioning that they do not “know for sure” whether or not testimonies it has published describing torture and abuse of prisoners by sections of the U.S. military are valid because the U.S. will not give access to the camp to investigate them. [1]

He also said he has no conclusive evidence that U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, ordered torture of detainees at the facility. Schulz had previously referred to “apparent high-level architects of torture,”, and included Donald Rumsfeld in that group. [2]

Director Schulz stated that comparing the installation to a gulag was perhaps not the best choice of words. “…they (detainees) are not in forced labor, they are not being denied food. But,” he continued,” there are some analogies between the gulags and our detention facilities.” Schulz alleged that U.S. officials are “running an archipelago of detention facilities,” some secret. The report also describes “ghost” detainees who “disappear” and the export of prisoners to countries that are known to practice torture.

During his appearance, Schulz argued that his and other human rights groups should be given broader access to the facility. “We don’t know for sure what all is happening at Guantanamo,” he said, “and our whole point is that the United States ought to allow independent human rights organizations to investigate.” The treatment of prisoners at the facility has been in hot dispute recently, with Amnesty International comparing the facility to a “gulag” in its annual human rights report. Bush administration officials condemned the comparison.

On Friday, the U.S. government released documents indicating that both guards and detainees at the facility had on a few occasions abused the Qur’an, the Muslim holy book.

Prisoners and ex-prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have testified that they have been tortured. David Hicks, still being held, filed an affidavit on August 5, 2004 [3] declaring that he had been tortured, abused and ill-treated during his detention by US military authorities, and that he saw and heard similar treatment inflicted on other detainees. Mamdouh Habib, now free, says about his time at Guantanamo Bay that he was told by interrogators that his family had been killed, and that he was tied to the ground while a prostitute menstruated on him. Professor Christopher Tennant of Sydney University also stated he saw an unsigned medical report from Guantanamo Bay that backed up Habib’s claim to have been beaten while in US custody;

“Well, the main feature of the medical report from Guantanamo was that he had had repeatedly blood in his urine, which is a very significant symptom and a worrying symptom, and that was consistent with his reports both to me and to the specialist physician who also examined him, and was consistent with the fact that, on examination, he had evidence of discolouration to his skin on his right loin, just over his kidney, which in turn was consistent with old bruising and possibly due to being beaten.”

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dallas Braden, a left-handed pitcher for Major League Baseball‘s Oakland Athletics in the United States, became one of only nineteen players in the history of the MLB to pitch a perfect game, in a 4-0 win against the Tampa Bay Rays. Braden, aged 26, who retired all 27 batters consecutively on 109 pitches, also earned his first career complete game. In the process of throwing the perfect game, Braden also struck out six Tampa Bay hitters.

The perfect game was the second pitched in the Athletics’ franchise history, the other being thrown by Hall of Fame pitcher Catfish Hunter on May 8, 1968 against the Minnesota Twins. Braden, at 26, also became the youngest pitcher to throw a complete game since Anaheim Angels pitcher Mike Witt did so at age 24 in 1984.

The low crowd at the Oakland Coliseum, at only 12,228, was due to the Mother’s Day holiday occurring across the United States, Braden, along with every other Major League Baseball player, donned pink equipment for awareness of breast cancer, which has become a tradition for baseball players on Mother’s Day. Braden’s own mother died of skin cancer when he was a senior in high school, but his grandmother attended the game.

Braden recently drew controversy in the league after publicly criticizing New York Yankees all-star third baseman Alex Rodriguez for crossing the pitcher’s mound after a foul ball, which Braden claimed to be an “unwritten rule” in baseball. When asked about the no hitter, Rodriguez simply responded, “Good for him, he threw a perfect game. And even better, he beat the Rays,” he said, as the Rays lead the American League East division, the same division that Yankees play in.

“Mother’s Day hasn’t been a joyous day for me in a while. But to know that I still get to come out and compete and play a game on that day, that makes it a little better. With my grandma in the stands, that makes it a lot better. To be able to give her this today was perfect…,” said Braden in a post-game interview with

Friday, December 14, 2007

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetic condition causing benign tumors (neurofibromas) to grow along certain types of nerves and, in addition, it can affect the development of bones or skin. There are several variants of the disease but type 1 and type 2 NF account for the vast majority of cases.

The disease manifestations can vary from very mild to severe. Major symptoms include growths on and under the skin; skin pigmentations called café au lait spots in type 1; acoustic nerve tumors and consequent hearing loss in type 2. Growths can affect nearly all parts of the body, and pressure on nearby structures can cause a wide variety of complications. There is a small risk that the tumors transform into malignant cancerous lesions.

NF is one of the most common single-gene human diseases; around 1 in 2,500-4,000 live births are affected by NF-1, whereas NF-2 occurs in about 1 in 50,000-120,000. Both type 1 and 2 are autosomal dominant conditions, meaning that only one copy of the mutated gene need be inherited to pass the disorder. A child of a parent with neurofibromatosis and an unaffected parent will have a 50% chance of inheriting the disorder. The gene responsible for NF-1 and possibly NF-2 is thought to function as a tumor suppressor gene.

In most cases of neurofibromatosis 1, patients can live normal and productive lives. In about 25-40% of patients there is an associated learning disability with or without ADHD. In some cases of neurofibromatosis 2, the damage to nearby vital structures, such as the cranial nerves and the brainstem, can be life-threatening. When tumors are causing pain or disfiguration, surgery is thus far the only proven beneficial treatment option.

Reggie Bibbs is a 43-year-old-man living in Houston, Texas. Mr Bibbs was born with a genetic disease called neurofibromatosis (NF), which causes him to develop tumors on his body (see infobox on the right). NF can be a subtle disease, but in Bibbs’ case it has left him with a disfigured face and deformed leg. But he is happy with the way he looks, and doesn’t want to change his appearance to please other people. He has launched a successful campaign entitled “Just Ask”, and that’s just what Wikinews did in a video-interview.

The interview was prepared by Wikinews reporter Michaël Laurent with the help of Bertalan Meskó (who has a popular genetics and web 2.0 blog). Their questions were sent to a close friend of Mr. Bibbs, Lou Congelio, who kindly conducted the interview.


  • 1 Infobox: What is neurofibromatosis?
  • 2 The interview
    • 2.1 On neurofibromatosis
    • 2.2 Growing up
    • 2.3 A head to toe body tour
    • 2.4 The daily life of Reggie Bibbs
    • 2.5 Raising awareness and his campaign
  • 3 Sources
  • 4 External links
This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

From Still Life To Sittings: Tips For Mastering Photography


smith brian

You have now made the decision to get into photography, or simply just want to snap better pictures. What great timing! These tips will get you on your way to taking better pictures.

Getting a good shot in low-light conditions can be tough because they are more likely to blur. When taking a picture in low light, try to make sure that your hands are as steady as possible. Bracing them on a stationary object is the best way to go. For the best possible pictures in low light, you should use a tripod.

You may think the flash on your camera is only for indoors, but if you use it outdoors, where strong light produces deep shadows, the flash will reduce the shadows in your picture. Not using the flash to shoot could cause subjects to appear too dark.

If you are thinking about becoming a photographer for real, you will need the dSLR. The acronym DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex. This type of camera is the best choice because it allows you to see your image immediately after you have taken the picture. Full-frame DSLRs are best because they have the largest image sensor, and create more detailed photos.

Learn to use the focus-lock feature on your camera. Cameras automatically set focus in center of each frame, so in order to take pictures of off-center subjects, you have to tell the camera how to focus on them. You can accomplish this by using the shutter button. Close it halfway while your subject is at the center of the frame. Then transfer the focus by moving the frame. You can then push the button, and take your shot.

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Have you ever had to take pictures of subjects that had been in the rain? You can create some rain in your shots even if the weather is not cooperating by using a simple spray bottle filled with water. Just give your subject a few spritzes for that freshly rained upon look.

Cell phone cameras have increased in quality, but remember to be watchful for lighting issues. Most phone cameras don\’t have a flash built-in, so it\’s important to make sure as much available light hits your subject as possible. Zooming in close will also help as it will block out shadows and sunspots.

While only five percent of your shots will be \”keepers\” you should never throw any of your work away. Keep all your photos as a record of your work. These will help you see your progress and continue to make improvements.

Use your camera to capture every detail of your travels. While you might normally skip over these types of shots, you should consider whether or not you\’d enjoy seeing it again when you are revisiting the photographs from your trip. Taking photos of things such as street signs, storefronts and other interesting objects will help trigger memories you would have forgotten otherwise.

Some situations may have unavoidably bad lighting, such as photos of a landscape. There will be times in which it is impossible to get an ideal shot. In this case, what should you do? Try using a program, like Photoshop, to create a gradient filter to counterbalance any contrasting light.

Setting deliberate limitations can spark your creativity. For example, set a goal for the day to only shoot images that represent a single concept, such as \”sweet.\” You can improve your technique by taking many pictures from the same location. By doing this, you will start to think more creatively and create photos that are unusual.

When people or animals in pictures have red eye, it basically makes the entire photo unattractive. To avoid red eye, do not use your flash. If you must, do not have your subject look directly at the camera lens. You may also find a red eye reduction program built into the camera\’s software.

Use a tripod to steady your camera. Tripods are particularly great for one thing: steadying your camera. They are very convenient for shooting in low light and taking long-distance shots. A tripod also is extremely helpful in timed photography and for self-portraits.

When you take photographs, write a couple of notes about them. Sifting through hundreds of photographs, you may have a difficult time remembering the emotions and thoughts that you were experiencing when you snapped each picture. Buy a small notebook to write down all your information on the photos. Number your photographs, and write this number down in the notebook next to the description of that photograph.

Shoot quickly when you take a photo. You can never tell how fast that fleeting moment will flee, so always be ready for it. Expressions can change, animals will run away, and the mood you associate with a landscape can disappear. It is more important to get a decent picture than to waste the opportunity trying for the perfect shot or camera setting.

You need to get an understanding of how to use the ISO settings on your camera. Otherwise your pictures will not come out as you expect. You need to keep in mind that if you increase the ISO it increases how much light is let into the camera; this then affects the print and grain on your picture. This can completely ruin your shot.

Manually set the white balance. Most cameras will automatically select a photo\’s white balance, but to control the image, you need to set it manually. Adjusting the white balance of a camera can take the yellow tint out of subjects lit by incandescent bulbs or even alter the whole mood of the shot.

Understanding that less is often more is a great composition tip that you should implement in your photos. You should have no reason to have a bunch of clutter or elements in your shot. Know what the focus of your shot will be and maintain a simplicity of message, so that it can be fully understood by viewers.

You should now have a better understanding as to how photography works. If you thought that you were ready before, then you should now be an expert on it! The tips provided in this article should have given you some great advice to help improve your photography skills.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Sahnoun Daifallah, of White City, Gloucester, was today remanded in custody by Cheltenham magistrates after being arrested for spraying a “foul-smelling, brown substance” from a sports bottle. The liquid is thought to have contaminated food, books, wine bottles, and other items across several stores in Gloucestershire.

Mr Daifallah, the court was today told, committed the offences over multiple days. The attack on a Tesco supermarket, where frozen chips and wine bottles were contaminated with what Tesco claims to be a “mix of human urine, faeces, and domestic products” happened on Friday. He is also accused of a similar offence in a Morrisons supermarket 4 miles away on the same day. Two days previously, Mr Daifallah is accused of spraying the substance inside a pub near Cheltenham, contaminating food, and contaminating over 700 books in a Waterstone’s bookstore in nearby Cirencester.

Mr Daifallah today confirmed that he was at the locations stated, however he indicated he will be pleading not guilty to the charges. He has been remanded in custody until May 28th, when he will appear before Stroud magistrates via videolink to be committed to Gloucester Crown Court – a decision made by magistrates after the estimated damage by the defendant was given at over £10,000, plus cleaning and replacement expenses.

Sunday, May 1, 2005 

International Labor Day, or May Day, has been marked by protests throughout Switzerland. Roughly 12,000 protesters organized across the country, rallying against the dismantling of social welfare, as well as wage dumping and the large salaries of top company officials.

The protests were peaceful, although minor skirmishes did occur in Zurich and Lucerne. These usually involved clashes between left and right extremists rather than with authorities. In one case, bottles and fireworks were used as weapons, but no injuries were reported.

Protesters in Geneva demand reform regarding illegal immigration, and equality for men and women. In Zurich trade unions urged the free movement of people, as well as an ending to the pressure on salaries.

Vasco Pedrina, Co-president of the union Unia, called the difference between high and low incomes a “existential and human tragedy”. Pedrina and others, including Bern mayor Alexander Tschäppät, spoke out during the Saturday and Sunday period of protests.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

According to reports, a man protesting the G20 Summit in London, England has died after collapsing at a protester camp.

Sky News says the man collapsed on the street inside a camp close to the Bank of England and when found he was still breathing, but efforts by paramedics to rescue him failed and he was pronounced dead at an area hospital. The name of the person and cause of death are not yet known, but several people were injured earlier in the day. The police claim that protestors threw bottles at them while trying to rescue the protestor.

The London Ambulance Service reported that “we received a 999 call at 7:24 pm from a member of the public reporting that a man had fallen over and was unconscious, but was breathing. [They] made extensive efforts to resuscitate him both there and on the way to hospital.”

Earlier in the day a minimum of 20 protesters broke into the bank and according to reports vandalized furniture, broke windows and cut the telephone lines to the building.

Luxury yacht charter and Catamaran cruise Dubai; teaching the world how to cruise?


1232548Luxury yacht charter


Catamaran cruise Dubai

; some beautiful fashions of the trip:

Your tour with Luxury yacht charter

and Catamaran cruise in Dubai is very nice experience and everyone likes it because they know that they can not avail this type of fun anywhere else. To visit the beautiful waterlines of Palm Island, to do snorkeling in the water of World Island, to swim in warm water, to visit Marina yacht club and to do photography are some of the beautiful experiences of the trip.

Formation of Luxury yacht charter

and the extension in the coastlines of Dubai:

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Cruising in the Middle East is a nice experience because the waterlines of this part of the world are so warm and thin. Before the formation of Luxury yacht charter

in 2006 people seemed not satisfied from the cruising trip to Dubai but since 2006 all the cruisers are satisfied from

cruising in Dubai

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Luxury yacht charter


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The visitors of Luxury yacht charter

and catamaran cruise Dubai are increasing day by day and the coastlines are being extended now due to this reason. The coast lines were 49 miles offshore and now are 930 miles off shore because three off shore islands are made there.

Diving in the warm and thin water of Dubai:Luxury yacht charter

cruise when done in a nice way provides you many chances to have a nice experience of swimming in the warm and thin water of Dubai. You get so fresh when you go for swimming in the warm waterlines of Dubai. The experience of deep diving like snorkeling in the warm waters of Dubai is also done in the

Luxury yacht charter

trip and you must do it because there are many beautiful species to see there.

Some beautiful points where you go in the trip:

DIMC (Dubai international marine club):

There are very beautiful and romantic places in Dubai and DIMC (Dubai international marine club) is one of them. In fact this place is the point where all the cruisers do gather for the trip. The water cleanness and other safety conditions of the DIMC (Dubai international marine club) are very good.

Palm Jumeirah in your trip with Luxury yacht charter:

Palm Jumeirah give you chances to do cruising and some other water related sports like wind surfing, snowboarding etc. cruising in the warm waterlines of Dubai is very nice and adventurous experience because the waterlines of Palm are very fantastic.

Cruising and snorkeling in the World Island:

The world island is very beautiful and stunning place where the waterlines of World Island are very warm and are very suitable for snorkeling activity. The cruising in the world island entails its own fantastic charm because it contains a lot of bio diversity.

Marina Private yacht:

Visiting the marina yacht club is a nice and adventurous experience. The marina yacht club is built on four beautiful marinas that are very beautifully made and are symbols of pure beauty. There is a beautiful water sports point in the club that is a great source of attraction for visitors.Luxury yacht charter

Catamaran cruise Dubai

cruising in Dubai

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Delegations from every region of ex-Yugoslavia, except Kosovo, visited Josip Broz Tito’s grave in Belgrade on a 25th anniversary of his death. Tito, the lifelong president of Yugoslavia from 1953, died on May 4, 1980 and was buried in the “House of Flowers” in Belgrade.

World War Two veterans, as well as youngsters, carrying Yugoslavian flags, laid down flowers on Tito’s grave.

Two Macedonians, a 59-year-old Stojanche Kostovski and a 21-year-old Goce Velkovski, marched from Skoplje, Macedonia to Belgrade, Serbia to visit Tito’s grave, covering around 463 km in 13 days.

B92 quoted one of the visitors, Miloica Ruži?, as saying “While Tito was alive I had no democracy, but I had money and a passport. Now I have democracy, but also an empty stomach.”

A visitor from Vrbas said “Many go to monasteries and churches, but I came here to find peace.”

NGO “General Consulate of SFRY”, from Tivat, Montenegro, published an obituary in major Montenegran daily newspapers, containing Tito’s photography and the text: “Quarter of a century without you – a whole century backwards.”